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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tadpole Inquiry

This week Mrs. Wideen brought  in 2 jars with tadpoles.  Within 5 minutes of sharing what she brought in, we had at least 15 books on frogs spread across the carpet and students were researching how to take care of tadpoles.  They were making connections, questioning, inferring, determining importance and synthesizing information while being engaged and working on a real life question that were important to them.  As the nutrition bell rang, all of the students kept working because they wanted to make sure that we knew how to take care of our new tadpoles.  In half an hour they knew how to feed them, learned about how to replace the oxygen in the water, the life cycle of the frog and showed their thinking by making lists, webs and blogging their findings.  Just today, one of our Tadpoles has grown little legs!  We will be learning more about these little creatures throughout the week and at our literacy and science stations.  Check out one of the student's blogs that posted a video of the tadpoles today kidblog


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