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Monday, April 15, 2013

More Measurement Fun

Today we created measurement gardens.  The students were given a large piece of white paper with 6 rectangles on it.

Students were asked to draw flowers in each of the rectangles.

Students then received a blue piece of construction paper for the background and a piece of green paper for the grass.

Next, the students glued their flowers onto their papers.  The grade 1's measured their flowers with cubes and the grade 2 students measured their flowers in centimeters.

Lastly, the student's wrote their measurements on their papers.


  1. I like how the first graders used cubes and the second graders used centimeters. In the USA we learn to measure in inches and in centimeters but we mostly use inches.

    Vanne from Ms. Gates Reading Group

  2. we use rulers. we learn centamitars and inchess. we been learning abaut meshomeant too. Your fiawers look nice.

    Domingo from Ms. Gates Reading Group

  3. Is so biutiful.I want to mesure some plants and flowers too. I have been learning about plants. Some flowers have some roots in the soil in the ground.We have a school garden. we planted pumpkin,radeshes,peas,carrots and tomatos.Outside is warm like 80 degrees ferenhide. I'll ask my teacher if we can send a picture of our garden

  4. Connor -- How long did it take you to make?

    Ellen -- I like the art flowers that you drew.

    Lexis -- It looks like you guys worked hard!

    Hudson -- You guys are really good at art!