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Monday, April 8, 2013

Clementine Read Aloud

Today we started our new read aloud titled, "Clementine".  We just finished reading Flat Stanley and Mrs. Wideen signed us up to do this read aloud with 17 other classes around the world.  We have a reading schedule for how many pages Mrs. Wideen has to read to us a week.  Today we read the first chapter of Clementine.  Mrs. Wideen made a new room on Todaysmeet so we could discuss the book with the other classes.   We then tweeted the prompt on Twitter on our class twitter account @mrswideensclass so the other classes would know and could join in the conversation if they wished.  Here was our first prompt that we answered today:

On Wednesday we are going to read chapter 2 via Google Hangout with another class and discuss our predictions and question for chapter 3.


  1. We have a few questions about this book:

    1] Was it fun to read the first chapter? -- Connor and Avery
    2] Does the book capture your attention? -- Lexis
    3] Is "Clementine" a girl or a boy because on the front cover, there is a person, but I'm not sure? -- Lindsay

    We also had a few connections with the story and the first prompt:

    1] I have the book "Clementine" and I would like to know if the book is good. -- Georgia and Maya
    2] I have the whole case of "Flat Stanley" books! -- Oliver
    3] My worst day was when my brother promised to give me one hundred bucks, but he didn't. -- Nate
    4] My worst day was when I was not allowed to play video games. -- Ben and Oliver
    5] My worst week ever was when I was not allowed to do any technology except I was allowed to watch TV. -- Lindsay
    6] My worst day in my life was when I could not play anything on my iPad for one month. -- Ethelyn