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Saturday, November 2, 2013

O.R.E.O Challenge

  Last Friday we participated in the O.R.E.O Challenge. This challenge was created by a teacher Jen Wagner .  She invited Classrooms around the world to participate.
Each student needed to stack oreo® cookies as high as he or she could and then average all their individual results to achieve a final Class result.  We then recorded the results on the main project webpage to see how our average measured up to the rest of the classes.  (Our average stack was 19). After the students finished the stacking they were invited to create a sculpture from the Oreo cookies that were used.  It got very messy and fun! Here is a short video on the O.R.E.O challenge in our classroom.


  1. I loved the sculpture you made out of oreo cookies. They were awesome. I have tried to make a sculpture out of cookies but it didn't work out so well. How did you get the icing in such big balls?

    From: Laine